Facts on "Right to Work"

We must STAND TOGETHER and tell our legislators that “Right to Work” is WRONG for New Hampshire.

"Right to Work," Explained

  • “Right to Work” does not equal the right to a job. In fact, it’s easier for an employee to lose their job under “RTW” laws, because it tilts the playing field in favor of big business. This at a time when CEOs make 320 times as much as the typical worker!

  • “Right to Work” laws do not protect a worker from being forced to join a union, or pay to champion political causes they do not support because these things are already illegal under federal law. These laws are simply designed to hurt workers’ bargaining strength.

Why "Right to Work" is Wrong for NH

  • “RTW” legislation allows government interference at work

    • “Right to Work” laws let the government dictate working families’ employment decisions. In New Hampshire, we value our freedom and families. Workers in the Granite State reserve the right to fairly negotiate their employment and provide for our loved ones. Unnecessary governmental interference in employment limits NH families’ freedom at work.

  • RTW states have lower wages

  • “RTW” states have less safe work sites


    • “Right to Work” laws have been shown to create a less safe workplace. Research has shown that “RTW” laws have resulted in a 14.2% increase in occupational mortality thanks to decreased unionization.

  • “RTW” states do not see increased job growth


    • No strong evidence exists to show that “Right to Work” laws will create more jobs. and push economic growth in New Hampshire. The Granite State boasts a better economic record than “RTW” states. 


Call Your State Representative TODAY!

NH Families say “Right to Work” is WRONG for the Granite State

Hi, I’m calling for State Rep ____________________, 

In New Hampshire, we value our freedom and our families. So I’m asking you to vote against the so-called “Right to Work” legislation proposed. In those “Right to Work” states, the median family income is about $10,000 LOWER than in non-RTW states. That’s a pay cut none of us need. 

Our hard-working families do not need unnecessary governmental interference in their employment decisions.

We urge you to protect our families, and respect our freedom to conduct business. We ask you to stand with New Hampshire families and vote against the so-called “Right to Work” legislation. 

Thank you, ________________

(state your name, and address – so they know you are a voter in their district!)

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